PicFlash-ISP 1.2

A production grade programmer assistant
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Uc Micro Systems

Simplify various programming operations. Work with microcontrollers belonging to PIC 12, 16 and 18, both Flash and OTP varieties. Alternatively, access the 24Cxx I2C EEPROM components. Automatically identify the connected devices and perform standard processes.

The PicFlash Programmer is an affordable, reliable, and fast production grade programmer for PIC 12, 16 & 18 series Flash, OTP Microcontrollers and 24Cxx I2C EEPROM’s.
Software Features:
Automatic device identification before programming.
Supports all operations program, verify, blank check, read, secure, erase & so on.
Auto Batch Program function for faster programming i.e. Mass Production mode.
User-friendly interfaces with pull-down menus, pop-up dialogue box and help.
Works on all windows platform 95/98/2000/XP.
Supports Intel (linear & segmented) HEX (INHX8M).
Auto execution of multiple functions.
Easy to use integrated HEX Editor on main software window.
Device insertion test.
Support for programming only a selected memory in the microcontroller e.g. Code memory, Data memory or configuration memory.

Hardware Features:
Single 40 Pin ZIF for 8 to 40 Pin Devices
RS232 Serial Port Interface.
Programmer firmware update through computer.
Programmer hardware verifies IC’s at 3 different voltage levels after programming for improved reliability.
ISP programming supported.

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